Welcome to Not being Morbid! Here we aim to talk about death and related subjects in an open and honest way. For a topic that affects every single one of us, people are often reluctant to talk about death, for fear of being seen as ‘weird’ or morbid; but on the contrary, psychological studies are showing that it is actually very beneficial to our health and happiness to think about and talk about death.

In our modern Western Culture we are often protected from death, many death rituals have fallen out of practice and we no longer live in the close-knit communities that we once did, meaning we are not as exposed to the dead and the dying. Our culture promotes ideas of health and wellbeing, youthfulness and the young, but is very uncomfortable talking about death.

Subsequently death anxiety has become a very real thing, which is not very good for the psyche. With less exposure to death, bereavement also becomes more difficult, and often people don’t feel they have the support that they once had.

Not Being Morbid promotes the idea that by talking about death, and confronting it, we can remove the fear and really get on with enjoying life. We also aim to put on and promote events that bring people together to talk about death and to learn more about the subject. Keep an eye out on the events page. We will also supply useful recourses, articles and blogs about death, and provide a space for sharing stories and ideas.

All-in-all we believe it’s good and healthy to talk about death, and we’re Not Being Morbid!