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Parent workshop

Conversations on death and dying: a workshop for parents and guardians

Saturday 26th September, 2015, 2-4pm

Rehearsal Space, The Island, Bridewell Street, Bristol BS1 2LE

There comes a time for every parent when they have to start answering many questions from their children. From why the sky is blue to where do babies come from – some are more awkward than others! When it comes to questions around death and dying, it may help to know your own thoughts and feelings first. Do you yourself have answers to the biggest of life’s questions? Are you comfortable talking about death?

Brought to you by Not Being Morbid and as part of When death comes, this two-hour workshop aims to help parents explore their own thoughts and feelings around death, to help them feel comfortable with the subject before children start asking questions, or are faced with bereavement.

The workshop will look at resources available to parents and children to help explain topics around death and dying, as well as encouraging and facilitating conversation between parents about ways of tackling the subject. Hosted by Emma Edwards, facilitator of Death Café Bristol and Not Being Morbid, and co-hosted by Amy Hurst, this aims to be an uplifting workshop. We don’t aim to provide conclusions or promote any belief-system, but instead to inspire parents to feel prepared, confident and comfortable with the subject matter.
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